It must be phishing season.  Today’s Scam of the day is yet another phishing email.  This one purports to be from Amazon and again the email attempts to lure you into clicking on a link to make important updates to your account.  Unfortunately, if you do so you will  either download malware or provide personal information that will be used to make you a victim of identity theft, are nothing new.   Phishing emails are a staple of identity thieves and scammers and with good reason because they work. Reproduced below is a copy of a new phishing email that appears to come from Amazon.  At the intelligent suggestion of a Scamicide reader, I have removed the link from the version of the email reproduced below and will continue to do so when showing examples of new phishing emails in the future.  Until now, I had thought it was important for people to see the exact phishing email and merely strongly advise people not to click on the link, however, the risk of someone even accidentally clicking these infected links is too great to continue to show these links.
Amazon is a popular target for this type of phishing email because it is used by just about everyone.   Like so many phishing emails, this one attempts to lure you into responding by making you think there is an emergency to which you must respond. As phishing emails go, this one is pretty good.  It looks legitimate.  However, the email address from which it was sent is that of an individual totally unrelated to Chase and is most likely the address of an email account of someone whose email account was hacked and made a part of a botnet of computers used by scammers to send out phishing emails.   As so often is the case with these type of phishing emails, it does not contain your account number in the email.  It carries a legitimate looking Amazon logo, but that is easy to counterfeit.

Dear Customer,                                                                                                 We have recently upgraded our server for the help of our customers, and we recommend a new security features as part of our commitment to keep our customers safe.                                                                                             For security measures the following information is required to solidify your profile. 
Your sincerely                                                                                                             Amazon

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