JobLink is a database managed by Job Link Alliance that maintains online databases that connect employers with job seekers.  JobLink is used by the state governments of Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Maine, Oklahoma and Vermont. In March I informed you that the database for all of the states using JobLink were hacked sometime prior to March 16th.  The total number of people affected was undetermined, but potentially huge.  In Delaware alone personal information from more than 200,000 accounts was stolen. Included in the information stolen in this data breach were names, Social Security numbers and birth dates which could be readily used for purposes of identity theft.
A few days ago Vermont officials indicated that none of the 180,000 people in Vermont affected by the data breach have yet reported identity theft problems.  While this is a good sign, it does not mean that the compromised information could not still turn up in the hands of an identity thief possibly purchasing this information on the Dark Web and use it for purposes of identity theft, but it definitely is good news.
If you used JobLink in any of the affected states, you should freeze your credit with each of the three credit reporting agencies to help prevent anyone who may have access to your Social Security number from obtaining credit in your name.  You can find out how to put a credit freeze on your credit report by putting in the key words “credit freeze” in the Search the Website section of Scamicide at the right hand corner of this page.
You should also carefully monitor all of your credit cards and other accounts regularly for any indications of identity theft.