The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) took legal action against CPU Service, Inc and its principal owner, Robert Ray Law shutting down a scam operated by Law and his company by which phony invoices for what appear to be “Yellow Pages” advertising was sent to thousands of small businesses, doctor’s offices, retirement homes and religious schools that had never ordered the ads.  The invoices carried the familiar walking fingers logo of AT&T, but was not affiliated with AT&T in any manner. Many people fell for this scam with many victims sending as much as $487 to the scammers.
The FTC is now sending out refund checks to victims of the scam.  If you were one of the victims, you can get more information by going to the tab at the top of this page entitled “FTC Scam Refunds” and click on CPU Service Incorporated.
As for the rest of us, whether you are an individual consumer or a business, you should never pay a bill even if it appears legitimate unless you have verified that the bill is indeed owed.  Scammers will often send out bills that appear to be legitimate in the hope that their victims will not notice the difference between the scam invoice and a legitimate invoice.