What’s up Doc? More precisely, it should be What’s up Dok for our purposes because Dok is the name of what has been described by security company CheckPoint as the first “major scale” malware specifically targeting all versions of the macOS that when downloaded on to your computer can enable the hacker to take control of your system.
Dok is delivered, as so many strains of malware are, as a zip file attached to a phishing email that you are lured into downloading.
While the Windows operating system is still the prime target of malware creating hackers, attacks on Macs are dramatically increasing.   According to a report by McAfee Labs, attacks targeting Macs increased last year by 744%.  Where formerly, Mac users could feel safer than Windows users as to their susceptibility to malware attacks, Mac users can no longer afford to be complacent in regard to their computer security.
The single best thing you can do to protect yourself from these types of malware attacks is to follow the rule of never clicking on links or downloading attachments from anyone until you have confirmed that they are legitimate.