Mother’s Day is fast approaching and scammers are taking advantage of this with phony $50 Lowe’s coupons that are turning up on Facebook pages luring people with the promise of the free coupon into providing information to a phony survey where the only goal is to gather personal information that will be used by the scammers for purposes of identity theft. Here is a copy of the coupon as it is appearing on Facebook.
lowes coupon scam Lowes $50 Mothers Day Coupon Is A Scam
While this particular scam uses a free $50 coupon from Lowe’s as the basis of the scam, similar scams have used phony coupons for Home Depot, Target, Ikea and others.
No company could cover the cost of giving away vast numbers of $50 coupons although sometimes participants in legitimate surveys are promised a chance to win a coupon in a drawing.  Facebook is a favorite venue for scammers to use for this type of scam because often unwary victims will unwittingly share the scam with their friends.  If you have doubts about the legitimacy of a coupon, the best place to go is to the company’s website to see what real coupons are being offered.