The FTC settled deceptive marketing claims against the companies selling the NutriMost Ultimate Fat Loss System, which since 2012 had claimed it had used new technology that would enable people using the system to lose forty pounds or more in forty days.  Unfortunately, there was no scientific support for these representations.  Customers were also not told until it was too late that the system required them to follow a very restrictive diet of less than 500 calories per day.  Under the terms of the settlement, which is filed with the Federal Court for Western Pennsylvania, the defendants are required to refund two million dollars to defrauded consumers.  I will continue to follow this story and as more information becomes available as to how to claim a refund if you were a victim of this scam, I will let you know.
The truth is that there are no quick fixes when it comes to weight loss and you should be wary of any product that promises you can lose tremendous amounts of weight quickly, particularly those that claim to be able to do this without dieting or exercise.  You should also be wary of any weight loss product that is sold exclusively either over the Internet or through mail-order advertisements.  It is also important to remember that no cream that you rub in your skin can help you lose substantial weight and no product can block the absorption of fat or calories.  The best course of action if you are seeking to lose weight is to ask your physician about the effectiveness of a particular weight loss product or program before you reduce your wallet in an effort to reduce your waistline.