It is a sad fact of life that the deaths of famous people, such as the suicide yesterday of former N.E. Patriots player  and convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez, particularly when they occur unexpectedly, as is the case with Hernandez, are exploited by scammers seeking to lure curious unwary people to dangerous websites or  to click on links containing malware.  It is important to never click on links in text messages or emails unless you have absolutely confirmed that they are legitimate because they may contain keystroke logging malware that can steal all of the information from your computer, laptop, smartphone or other device and use that information to make you a victim of identity theft.  In addition, a particularly insidious type of malware can be installed on your computer or other device merely by going to an infected website.  Therefore as tempting as it may be for some people to respond to emails, social media posts or other communications promising unseen videos or photographs of Aaron Hernandez’ last moments, you should avoid clicking on those links and going to websites promising this information.  If you want reliable information, particularly in this era of fake news, you should stay with legitimate news websites.
In addition, it is important to point out that even if you have the most up to date versions of anti-malware security software on your computer and other devices, you will always be at least thirty days behind the newest malware.  It takes that long for the security software companies to come up with new security software to combat newly discovered computer vulnerabilities, sometimes referred to as “zero day” exploits.
These types of scams, capitalizing on the deaths of celebrities, such as Prince, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Paul Walker and Robin Williams have become far too common and predictable.  Don’t be a victim of these scams.  Never click on links in emails or text messages promising you photographs, videos or even new information about events such as these and don’t even go to websites with which you may be unfamiliar to find such information because your computer may get infected merely by going to the website without clicking on any links.  For reliable information, limit your searches to reliable sources.