Today I received an email from Apple Tech Support or at least that is from where the email represented it was being sent even though the email address from which the email was actually sent was the email address of a private individual who most likely had his email account hacked and used by a scammer to send out the phishing email.
The email I received is copied below.  DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK.
The email  purported to inform me that for security reasons I needed to confirm my identity and provided a link for me to click on to provide the necessary information to regain use of my Apple account.  This is a phishing scam.  If you click on the link contained in the email, you will either download keystroke logging malware that can steal your personal information from your computer and lead to your becoming a victim of identity theft or be taken to a legitimate appearing page where you are lured into providing your personal information that will also result in your becoming a victim of identity theft.  Other times by clicking on the link you will unwittingly download dangerous ransomware.
This particular phishing email has many signs that is a a scam.  It is addressed to “Dear Client” rather than to me by name.  In addition, the first sentence is grammatically incorrect.  Often these scams originate in countries where English is not the primary language and this is reflected in these phishing scams.  While the Apple logo looks legitimate, this is easy to copy.  The key thing to remember is, as I always am saying, “trust me, you can’t trust anyone.”  Never click on links in emails unless you have absolutely confirmed that the communication is legitimate.  If you received an email such as this and you had the slightest thought that it might be legitimate, you should merely contact the real company, in this case, Apple, at a phone number or online independently of the email and at a telephone number or email address that you know is correct.

Dear Client,
Your AppleID  was suspended until we’ve response from you.
We are temporarily restricting modifications to this account as a security precaution. Please go to ( and confirm your identity to regain access to your account.
Your account will have restricted functionality until we hear from you.
Apple Customer Support

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