Phishing scams in which you are lured to click on links or download attachments full of malware rely on your trusting the initial communication.  Reproduced below is an email I recently received that appeared to come from eFax a real company that sends faxes digitally formatted as PDF files.  Don’t click where it says “View your document” because if you do you will end up downloading malware.

You have got a 3 page fax at Thu, 24 March 2017 8:17:28

Your personal new Fax reference ID is vnj-48956824

View your document!

Take your faxes online with eFax®, the world's #1 internet fax service.

While the email appears to be legitimate, the email address sending the email had no relation to eFax which was an immediate indication that this was a scam.


The risk of downloading malware by clicking on unverified links or downloading unverified attachments is too great.  Never click on any links or download any attachments regardless of where they may appear to originate until you have independently confirmed that the communication is legitimate.  In this case it would have been simple to determine that this was not a true communication from eFax.

Also, as often is the case, the grammar of scammers is not always the best as where this phishing email states “You have got.”