Recently the FTC issued a warning about scammers setting up phony websites that appear to be legitimate news websites touting the effectiveness of various health products including some that claim to be “brain boosters” that will boost your memory and increase your concentration.   Some of these phony products are advertised as being endorsed by well known celebrities, such as Stephen Hawking and Anderson Cooper when, in fact, these celebrities’ names were used without their knowledge and they never endorsed the products.

The websites appear to be legitimate news websites that prompt you to click on a link to go to another website where you can purchase the bogus products.


This is the era of fake news so it we should all be wary of news stories that purport to describe startling new health care products that we can purchase.  Before paying for any product that claims it will help you miraculously lose weight, improve your memory or provide other health benefits, you should check with your own physician about the product.