Google Chrome is the most popular web browser and this popularity has made it a target of hackers who have managed to inject malware into vulnerable websites created with the popular WordPress software.  The malware, in turn attacks the Google Chrome browser making the website unreadable at which point a popup message arises that says, “The ‘Hoefler Text’ font wasn’t found” and prompts the unwary victim to download a software update to fix the problem.  Unfortunately, if you download the suggested corrective software, in fact, you are downloading malware to your computer.


This particular scam takes advantage of vulnerabilities in WordPress software so it is very important, if you use WordPress for your website, as many people do, to update your WordPress security whenever security patches become available.  WordPress even allows you to have the security updates done automatically so you never delay in installing necessary updates.  I urge you to exercise this option.

In regard to this particular scam, although the pop up appears to come from Google Chrome to correct the font issue, Google Chrome will never provide downloads for correcting fonts.  Real messages from Google Chrome will never appear as an overlay to a website.  Finally, never click on links or download attachments of any kind without first verifying that the link or download is legitimate.  The risk is too great.