The Army Criminal Investigation Command is warning military personnel about the dangers of sextortion.  Sex extortion or sextortion has been around for years on the Internet with criminals persuading people into performing sexual acts online that are recorded and then used to blackmail the victims.    The Army’s Computer Crime Investigative Unit (CCIU) is warning soldiers about extortionists who threaten to send the videos to the Soldier’s command, family and friends unless they pay a ransom.    Special Agent Daniel Andrews, the Director of the CCIU advises soldiers “Be cautious of your online communications and do not share intimate, personal information with strangers or people you have never met in person.”

Some sextortionists not only demand a payment, but also sensitive military information or access to Army systems or facilities according to Andrews.


The best solution to any problem is to avoid the problem altogether.  If you are going to indulge in cybersex or phone sex, it should only be done with people whom you totally trust.  Engaging in such activities with strangers or people you do not know well is asking for trouble.  The Army Criminal Investigation Command advises military personnel who have been caught up in this scam not to send the demanded payments and cease all communication with the extortionists.   Victimized soldiers should notify the CCIU at or 571-305-4478 to report the crime.