Amazon is a great place to buy things.  The prices are good and the convenience of on-line shopping is an added bonus.  However, as always, anything that attracts consumers also attracts scammers and scammers have been flocking to become third party seller’s on Amazon, luring unwary customers into buying defective or counterfeit products. In some instances, the scammers sell products via Amazon and then never even send anything in return to the victimized consumer.  Many of these scammers are based in China although that fact is not necessarily apparent from their online advertisements.

Unfortunately, it is easy for anyone to become a seller on Amazon which does little to investigate companies seeking to sell their goods on Amazon. Fortunately,  Amazon provides its own A-Z guarantee on anything sold on Amazon so you are not likely to lose money when you are scammed by one of these scammers although you will experience inconvenience and lose time having to deal with the problem.


It can be difficult to distinguish scam ads on Amazon from the ads of legitimate merchants although, as always, if a price appears too good to be true, it usually is.  When shopping on Amazon, you may wish to consider not buying from third party merchants on Amazon and limit your Amazon purchases to those items sold by Amazon directly to avoid this problem.