Super Mario Run is presently the most popular game in the App Store for iPhones and other Apple devices. Unfortunately, for those of you with Android devices, Nintendo has not yet created an Android Application Package version of Super Mario Run although scammers are indicating throughout the Internet that they have free Android versions of Super Mario Run that you can download.  This is a total scam. Sometimes a leaked version of a game is leaked before it is officially launched, however, in this instance, Nintendo hasn’t created one yet so there is nothing to leak.  Anytime you download an Android version of Super Mario Run, you are running the risk of downloading attached malware that can be used to steal your identity or bring other dangers such as ransomware.


Free apps loaded with malware present a tremendous danger.  The best thing you can do is to stay with sources such as the App Store or Google Play that you know are legitimate when looking for apps.  Although neither of these companies are perfect when it comes to investigating apps to make sure they are legitimate and not filled with malware, they both do a pretty good job of vetting apps before they are made available to the public.