Merely because the presidential election is over doesn’t mean that scammers are not using the election as a further opportunity to scam people out of their money.  Scammers are always exploiting whatever is foremost in the minds of people and with a close election exposing how deep the divide is between many Americans, scammers are utilizing new scams designed around the election.

Both President Elect Trump supporters as well as his detractors will legitimately be doing fund raising at this time for their respective causes while emotions are running high.  You can expect to be contacted by phone, text messages, social media and email about contributing to various organizations claiming to advance your cause, whatever it may be.  Many of these people contacting you will be scammers.  Trust me, you can’t trust anyone.

You also may be contacted by scammers posing as people either taking a political survey or petitioning about current issues, such as the electoral college.  The danger here is that the scammers lure people into trusting them and then ask for personal information, such as birth dates and Social Security numbers that can be used for purposes of identity theft.


Whenever, you are contacted by phone, text message, email or through social media, you cannot be sure who is really contacting you so you should never give out personal information including credit card information to anyone contacting you in those ways unless you have independently verified that the contact is legitimate.

No legitimate pollster and no one asking you to sign a legitimate petition needs your Social Security number so never give it to anyone asking you to sign a petition.