With the Presidential election just two days away, there are still a number of scams related to the election that primarily are focused on tricking you into providing personal information that can be used to make you a victim of identity theft or steal you money.  I described a number of them in the Scam of the day for  August 1, 2016.  However the scam about which I am writing today is an advertisement that was appearing on Twitter encouraging people to vote for Hillary Clinton by way of a text message.  This is a purely political scam motivated by anti-Hillary forces to suppress her vote by tricking people into thinking that they can vote by text message which is not allowed in any state.  Here is a copy of the ad as it appeared until it was withdrawn by Twitter.


Regardless of which candidate you prefer, it is important to remember that you cannot vote by text message or email.   As the election gets closer in time, it is important also to not give into the temptation to click on links in emails or text messages that appear to provide you with startling new information about the election.  These communications will be sent around by scammers attempting to lure people into downloading malware by clicking on infected links.  Never click on any link in an email or a text message unless you have absolutely confirmed that it is legitimate. As for news you can trust about the candidates, you are better off using respected, legitimate news sources rather than being lured into downloading possible malware merely because the subject line may promise some incredible news that most likely is untrue from a source that you cannot verify.