The electric utility company National Grid is warning its customers about phony telephone calls in which scammers posing as National Grid employees are calling customers and threatening to turn off their electricity if payment is not made immediately by wired funds or prepaid cash cards such as Green Dot MoneyPak.  Whenever you receive a call regarding anything in response to which you are advised to make a payment by way of a Green Dot MoneyPak card or any other prepaid card you should be skeptical because these prepaid cards are a favorite method for scam artists to scam you out of your money.  This is because once the scammer has the card number, it is the same as cash and you cannot stop the payment nor trace to whom the payment was made.   The scammers making these calls posing as National Grid are often quite intimidating and threatening.  Your Caller ID may even indicate that the call is indeed from your utility company, but it is an easy thing for a scammer to “spoof” or make it appear that a call from them is coming from your utility company.  You can never be sure when you receive a telephone call as to who is really calling you which is why you should never provide personal information or make a payment to someone over the phone unless you have absolutely verified that the call is legitimate.  Although National Grid is warning its customers about this scam, this type of scam is going on with other scammers posing as other utility companies, as well.


Never make a payment to a utility company in response to a telephone call you receive demanding immediate payment.  No utility will require immediate payment by way of a prepaid cash card, such as the Green Dot MoneyPak card or iTunes gift cards.  If you are behind in your utility payments, call the utility company at a number that you know is accurate and discuss a payment plan with a legitimate representative of the utility company.  If you receive a call about your account that you think might be legitimate, merely hang up and call the customer service number for your utility which you can find on the back of your bill.