The FTC first took action against J. K. Publications, Inc in 1998.  J.K. Publications  purchased access to the account numbers of more than three million Visa and MasterCard holders from a California bank purportedly to confirm that the customers had valid credit cards and debit cards.  Instead, they made illegal charges on the cards for X-rated Websites.  Some of the people who had these charges put on their bills didn’t even own computers at that time.  The charges appeared under the names “Netfill,” “N-Bill,” “MJD ServiceCorp,” and “Webtel.”  The FTC managed to quickly shut down the scam, but J.K. Publications and the people involved in the scam managed to hide millions of the fraudulently obtained dollars in off-shore banks.  Fortunately, over time the FTC has been successful in getting the money back and is now mailing out checks to the victims of the scam.


The FTC is presently mailing 322,000 checks to victims of this scam.  If you have questions about this scam or were a victim of this scam, you can go to the top of this page to the tab entitled “FTC scam refunds” for more information.