The recent fatal shootings of five Dallas police officers has brought out the compassion and best charitable instincts of people around the country.  Unfortunately, it has also brought out scammers who have set up phony charities seeking to take advantage of people wanting to help the families of the fallen officers.  Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is warning people about these scams which come through text messages, emails, websites and telephone calls.  In every instance, whenever you are contacted directly by someone soliciting for a particular charity, you not only do not know whether the charity is a scam, you also don’t know how much of your contribution to a “legitimate” charity goes to the charitable work of the charity and how much goes to the salaries of the charity’s management.


In regard to people wanting to help the families of the five Dallas police officers killed recently, the Dallas Police Department is suggesting that people make their contributions to the Assist the Officer Foundation the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation or the Dallas Foundation

In general, before you give to any charity, it is a good idea to check out the charity with where you can find out whether or not the charity is a scam as well as how much of what it collects actually goes toward its charitable work and how much goes to pay for salaries and fund raising.