Scammers are constantly capitalizing on popular events and the upcoming 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil is no exception.  People are receiving letters informing them that they have won an international lottery being used to promote the Rio Olympics.  When you call the telephone number provided in the notice to claim your prize, you are told that all you need to do is pay some required fees before receiving your prize.  Of course, the lottery is a scam and the fees the victims of this scam pay are lost forever and their “winnings” never appear.


As I have often told you, it is difficult to win any lottery you enter.  It is impossible to win one that you have not even entered.  You should always be skeptical about being told that you have won a lottery you never entered.    It is also important to remember that it is illegal to play foreign lotteries unless you are present in the other country.  While it is true that income taxes are owed on lottery winnings, legal lotteries never collect tax money from winners.  They either deduct the taxes from the winnings or leave it up to the winners to pay their taxes directly to the IRS.  You also should never pay a fee to collect a legal lottery prize.