Security software is supposed to keep you safe which is why it is a necessity for anyone who uses the Internet on their computer or portable devices including smartphones, which is why it is so disturbing to learn, as we did earlier this week, that Symantec and Norton anti-virus software has a huge security flaw that makes its users vulnerable to having their computers and mobile devices taken over by hackers. This vulnerability was discovered by white hat hacker Tavis Ormandy who found that this vulnerability can be exploited by a hacker who merely has to send a particularly formatted file by email or just send a link in the email to start the attack.  The victim does not even have to open the attached file or click on the link for the attack to be successful.  All the victim has to do is merely open the email and the malware becomes active.

Although this particular flaw was found only in anti-virus software of Symantec under its Symantec and Norton brands, it is important to note that in the last year many good makers of security software including Kaspersky Lab, Avast, AVG Technologies, Intel Security and Malwarebytes have all had similar flaws found in their security software programs.


The good news is that a security update has already been developed to patch this serious security flaw. Here is a link to the notice from the Department of Homeland Security that tells you what you need to do to patch this vulnerability.

No computer product or software is perfect and new vulnerabilities are constantly being discovered which is why it is so critical that you update your software of all kinds as soon as security patches become available.  Delay in doing so can have disastrous results.