It was just six days ago that I described to you how scammers posing as IRS agents are calling people, threatening them with serious penalties including jail time if they did not pay the scammers by way of iTunes gift cards.  Although it may seem ridiculous that anyone would fall for this particular scam and think that the IRS would, under any circumstances, accept payment through an iTunes gift card, the truth is that scammers are using iTunes gift cards as the method of payment for a wide range of scams by which you are lured under various pretenses to make a payment.

One reason that iTunes gift cards are favored by scammers is that they are easy to obtain at many stores and all that the scammer needs in order to access the funds deposited into the card is the sixteen digit code on the back of the card which can be given to the scammer over the phone.  Some people tricked into paying scammers through iTunes gift cards confuse iTunes gift cards with Apple Pay although the only connection between the two is that both are Apple products.


Scams involving iTunes gift cards are very easy to spot.  Payments for products, services or even to help that needy grandchild in a foreign country who has gotten into some trouble are never legitimately done through iTunes gift cards so anytime that someone requires payment in this fashion for anything, you can be sure it is a scam.