Health scams have been fertile ground for scammers since the beginning of time.  It can be difficult to know when a company is falsely advertising the health benefits of its products which is why it is always a good idea to be a little skeptical as to advertising claims of health care products and do your own research before purchasing such products.

Zadro Health Solutions, Inc. sold what the company referred to as “specifically designed Disinfecting Wands” that they represented killed 99.9% of germs and viruses in ten seconds.   Zadro specifically claimed that the their Nano-UV  wands would safely kill E. Coli, Salmonella and swine flu viruses when used in food preparation areas, footwear, shower floors and elsewhere.   These wands were sold on the websites of numerous national retailers including,,, and  They were also sold through traditional catalogs including those of SkyMall, Magellan’s, Hammacher Schlemmer and Frontgate. Unfortunately, there was no scientific evidence to support these representations.  The FTC brought legal action against Zadro and settled with Zadro in August of 2015.  As a condition of the settlement, Zadro was required to pay for refund checks to scammed purchasers.


Settlement checks are now starting to be sent to those consumers who bought the scam devices.  The average amount each consumer will receive is $96.50.  The checks will be sent by Rust Consulting, Inc., the administrator hired by the FTC to handle the processing of refunds.  If you are one of the harmed consumers who receive such a check, you must cash it within sixty days.  No fees are required to be paid by consumers in order to receive the checks.  For more information, go to the FTC Scam Refund tab at the top of the first page of

It is important to note that merely because you see a product advertised on a legitimate website or in a legitimate catalog, such as those named above, does not mean that the product is legitimate. Always do your own investigation as to the product’s claimed effectiveness before you purchase health care products.