Uber, which operates the successful ride sharing app is an international success story.  It also appears to have spawned some scammer Uber drivers to add cleaning fees of $200 to the charges as a phony cleanup fee for vomit left in the Uber vehicles by passengers that never occurred, according to reports coming from around the country.  In one recent report, New Yorker Meredith Mandel said a $200 cleanup charge was added to her Uber bill of $19 when the driver claimed she had vomited in the car.  In apparent support of his claim, the driver had photographs of the vomit, however, upon closer inspection, the “vomit” shown was in the area of the front seat of the Uber car when Mandel and her co-passengers were seated in the backseat throughout the trip.  Fees for legitimate clean up fees are collected and paid directly to the individual drivers, however, so are fraudulent clean up fees as well.  Upon Mandel disputing the clean up fees with Uber and following Uber’s investigation, the charges were taken off of her bill, however, this is something about which people should be aware.


Even paranoids have enemies and even though the number of incidents of this type of fraud have been relatively few, you might wish to consider taking some quick photos yourself when you exit your Uber drive or even taxi rides where the potential for this type of scam also exists.  If you are a victim of this type of scam, you should both immediately complain to Uber and notify your credit card company to remove the disputed charge which they will do until they complete an investigation.