According to comedian Ron White, there is no cure for stupid, which can explain the recent arrest of an identity thief in Florida who attempted to use a phony Florida driver’s license as the photo identification required by a Verizon clerk when the identity thief attempted to purchase four iPhones at a cost of $2,600.  When the clerk got suspicious after looking at the license, the identity thief made a hasty retreat.  The clerk turned the driver’s license over to police officer Alan Correa who immediately knew that regardless of how legitimate looking the license appeared, it was a fake.  Officer Correa knew because the date of birth indicated on the license was September 31, 1989.  As any school child knows, thirty days have September, April, June and November.  There is no September 31st.  When later arrested, the identity thief, the true identity of whom, the police are still trying to determine, was found to have in his possession six other fake Florida driver’s licenses and seven phony credit cards with names matching each of the six licenses in his possession and the one left at the Verizon store.


Counterfeit identifications and credit cards can be obtained that look quite legitimate, but simple mistakes such as this identity thief made will often become the criminals downfall.