Back in the March 31st Scam of the day I warned you about the dangers of sextortion.  Sex extortion or sextortion has been around for years on the Internet with criminals tricking people into performing sexual acts online that are recorded and then used to blackmail the victims.  Now the University of Colorado Boulder Police Department is warning students about overseas criminals luring students into performing sexually acts on Skype that the criminal records and then threatens to make the videos public unless a ransom is paid.  In this latest incarnation of the scam, the criminal initially friends the victim on Facebook and gains the trust of the victim before luring him or her into compromising videos.  Investigators in Colorado have traced the particular criminal involved with their campus to someone based in Singapore.

In a twist on this scam found in the actions of other cyberextortionists, the cybercriminals  pretend that they are having audio difficulties and convince their victims into downloading a specific Android app on to their Android smartphone which they represent will remedy the problem.  However, instead of fixing the problem, the app is malware that steals all of the contact information stored on the victim’s smartphone.  The cybercriminal then threatens to send the videos to everyone on the victim’s contact list unless the victim pays a ransom.


The best solution to any problem is to avoid the problem altogether.  If you are going to indulge in cybersex or phone sex, it should only be done with people whom you totally trust.  Engaging in such activities with strangers or people you do not know well is asking for trouble.  Also, make sure that all of your electronic devices including your smartphone and computer are protected with the latest updated security software.  Even then, however, no security software is 100% effective against the latest viruses and malware so you should never click on links or download attachments unless you have absolutely confirmed that they are legitimate and you should never download apps from anywhere other than legitimate app stores.  The risk of malware is just too high.