If you are reading this online, you have a router.  A router is a networking device that is used to transfer data between your computer and the Internet.  Unfortunately, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have disclosed that a number of commonly used DSL routers are vulnerable to hacking because they use an easily guessed hard code password.  The affected models are ASUS DSL-N12E, DIGICOM DG-5524 T, Observa Telecom RTAO1N, Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT), SpeedSurf 504AN and ZTE ZXV10 W300.  Although this vulnerability was just announced earlier this week, other researchers had discovered the same problem and had reported on it for two of the affected devices last year.  In addition, earlier this year, at least 700,000 routers from different manufacturers were also vulnerable for the same reason and although they were manufactured by different companies, they all used vulnerable hardware manufactured by the same Chinese company.


Here is a link to the Vulnerability Notice as released by the researchers at Carnegie Mellon University. https://www.kb.cert.org/vuls/id/950576

I urge you to check and see if your router is one of those affected.  Unfortunately, if your router is one of the vulnerable routers, according to the researchers at Carnegie Mellon there is no practical solution at this time.  However, they do recommend that you adapt your Firewall so that the telnet service of your router is not accessible by untrusted sources.