Plenty of Fish ( an online dating website with more than a hundred million members had its website corrupted by hackers who managed to install a keystroke logging malware program known as Tinba that enables the identity thieves to steal credit card and banking information from its victims.  What makes this hacking particularly noteworthy is that the hackers did not hack into the computers of Plenty of Fish to install malware as was done in the recent hacking of Ashley Madison.  Instead, they hacked into the computers of a legitimate advertising company, Improve Digital that distributed online advertisements to Plenty of Fish.  The malware was attached to legitimate online advertisements placed by Improve Digital on the Plenty of Fish website.  And as I always say, “things aren’t as bad as you think, they are worse.”  In this case, it was not even necessary for someone visiting the Plenty of Fish website to click on the infected advertisements to permit the malware to be downloaded on to their computers.  All that was necessary was to merely go to the now infected website to have  your computer, in turn, infected with this dangerous malware.


If you are a user of Plenty of Fish, you should monitor your bank accounts and credit card accounts closely.  You also would be wise, if you already have not done so, to put a credit freeze on your credit report.  You can find information as to how to do this here on Scamicide.  Just go to the archives and enter the words “credit freeze.”  You also should make sure that you are using the latest anti-virus and anti-malware software on your computer and run a scan for any viruses or malware.