Microsoft Edge is the new browser being tied to the new Windows 10 operating system just recently launched by Microsoft.  It is replacing the popular Internet Explorer browser, which many people continue to use although it has proven to have a number of vulnerabilities that have been exploited by hackers.  The latest vulnerability is one that is particularly dangerous because it allows a hacker to take over your computer system merely by luring you to a malicious website or a legitimate website that had itself been hacked.  You do not even need to click on an infected link or advertisement to become a victim.  Merely going to an infected site is enough to infect your own computer.


Fortunately, Microsoft has issued an emergency security patch to remedy this problem.  Here is a link to the Microsoft Security Advisory with that provides access to the free security patch.

Whenever security patches are issued for the software that you use, it is critically important that you download and install these security updates as soon as possible to protect your safety online.  Too often people become victims of hacking and identity theft by failing to protect themselves from malware and viruses for which security patches have already been made available.