This is the third day in a row that the Scam of the day has involved Adobe Flash, but this is such an important topic and the new developments have been happening so rapidly, it warrants the coverage.  Adobe Flash is a hugely popular plug-in used for watching videos on your computer or smartphone.  Over the years it has also proven to be fertile grounds for hackers who have numerous times exploited vulnerabilities in it to hack into and take over the computers and smartphones of individuals, businesses and government agencies.  Shortly after Adobe released a new security patch following the discovery of yet another vulnerability by security company FireEye which reported its discovery to Adobe to give them the opportunity to develop a patch, we learned about two more Adobe Flash vulnerabilities by way of the information  made public when the spyware company The Hacking Team became a victim of a very public hacking.  The Hacking Team had been exploiting the Adobe Flash vulnerabilities for its own end.  Now, Adobe has come up with a patch for the latest Adobe Flash vulnerabilities to become known, but for many of us, this is too little and too late.  As I urged you yesterday, I think you should uninstall Adobe Flash and switch to a different video viewing plug-in.  There is little reason to believe that future vulnerabilities will not be discovered in  Adobe Flash and exploited by hackers and other criminals.  Exploit kits, which are packets of computer code that exploit these vulnerabilities are being sold by criminals to other criminals to enable them to hack the computers and smartphones of unsuspecting victims.  A sad commentary on the effectiveness of these Exploit kits is that many of them are still being used against vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash for which patches have already been developed and made available, but people, companies and government agencies have been lax in installing the patches to protect themselves.


If you are still interested in using Adobe Flash, here is a link to the latest security patch to remedy the most recently discovered vulnerabilities.

However, my advice still is to uninstall Adobe Flash and install a different plug-in for video viewing.

Another important lesson is to make sure that you update all of your software as soon as security patches and updates become available.  Delaying in doing so puts you at much greater risk of being hacked and identity theft.  Here at Scamicide, we will continue to provide you with the latest security patches and updates as they become available.