Adobe Flash software is a highly used video software program so it should be of little surprise that it is highly scrutinized for vulnerabilities by hackers who exploit these vulnerabilities to gain access to their targets computers.  Unpatched vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash software were exploited by Russian hackers who hacked into the White House and State Department computer systems.  Recently, the security firm FireEye found attempts to attack aerospace, defense, construction, technology and telecom companies by exploiting a flaw in Adobe Flash uncovered by FireEye.  FireEye promptly notified Adobe which promptly created a patch for the problem.  A link to the patch can be found below.

The problem is that hackers are now distributing kits on black market websites that enable other hackers to exploit this vulnerability on computers that have not been updated and all too often individuals and companies fail to update their software in a timely basis.  Already this flaw is being exploited by hackers as a way of getting victims to download Ransomware on to their computers.  As I have written about many times before, Ransomware encrypts and locks your computer data.  The hacker then threatens to destroy the data unless a ransom is paid immediately.


Businesses, government agencies and individual computer users must make it a priority to install the latest security patches and updates as soon as they become available.  Time after time, companies, government agencies and individual computer users have become victims of devastating computer hacks that they could have easily avoided had they promptly updated their software with the latest security patches and updates as soon as they became available.  Don’t make this mistake.  Here at Scamicide we regularly provide you the links to the latest security patches.

Here is the link to the latest Adobe Flash security update: