Home security systems are sold by legitimate companies and a good system can provide you with significant peace of mind, however, scammers also sell home security systems after contacting you by phone or by approaching you at your front door that are nothing more than a misrepresented scam.  Often people are lured into signing up for these home security systems by being told that the you are eligible for a free system merely in return for placing a sign on your front yard advertising the system.  This sounds great to many people who don’t bother to read the fine print in the contract they sign which often indicates that the customer must pay expensive long-term monthly monitoring fees and charge large cancellation fees if you cancel the contract before its termination date.


As I always say, there is nothing fine in fine print, but you should never sign any contract before you have read and understood the contract you are asked to sign.  Certainly, you should be particularly wary when you are promised that you are getting something for nothing.  Always do your research on any company such as a home security company before you consider signing a contract with them.  The FTC has a lot of information about home security systems, the questions you should ask and how to research the company at this link:http://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0195-some-home-security-systems-may-be-scams