For months now I have been reporting to you about ISIS sympathizers who have been infiltrating and taking over the websites of companies and government agencies around the world.  The appearance of ISIS propaganda on seemingly secure websites is disturbing to many people and the cost of repairing the infected websites as well as the disruption caused by these hackings is quite troublesome.  Fortunately, investigators have been able to find a common link in these hackings, namely all of the affected websites utilized the popular WordPress Content Management System, which was found to have Word Press plug-in vulnerabilities that were exploited by these hackers, whom the FBI has determined are not members of ISIS, but merely people acting in the name of ISIS.  Fortunately, these vulnerabilities can and should be patched in order to provide for better security against any and all hackers regardless of their motivation.


The FBI advises that if you use WordPress, you should make sure you are using the most up-to-date version and have installed the most recent security updates.

The first place to go is to the security section of WordPress for detailed information at this link:

You can find the latest WordPress security updates at this link: