Cybersecurity company, SourceDNA has announced that it found a major security flaw in a version of the open source code AFN Networking software used by app developers to create apps for iPhones, iPods and iPads.  This security flaw would enable a hacker to easily bypass the app’s security and provide a hacker to gain access to the app user’s credentials and banking data.  Fortunately, the flaw does not affect all of the 100,000 apps that use AFNetworking.  Only 1,000 are affected by the version of AFNetworking that contains the flaw, however, this number includes apps from major companies including Microsoft, Yahoo and Uber.  Some app developers have already patched the problem, however not all of the affected apps have been patched yet so everyone who uses iPhones, iPods and iPads should check to make sure that the apps they are using are safe and secure.  You can go to SourceDNA’s website with this link to find out if your apps are secure


If you are not using an iPhone, iPod or iPad, you do not need to worry about this particular threat.  If you do use these devices you should check out at the link provided above to see if the apps you use are still affected.  If the any of the apps you use are still affected, you should stop using those apps until the flaw is patched.  You also should change your password for apps that have been affected.