Comcast is a popular phone, Internet and television provider with millions of customers which is why it should come as no surprise that scammers are playing off of that relationship with a new scam that starts with an audio pop-up on your computer, laptop or tablet in which you are warned that your computer, laptop or tablet has been compromised and you are facing what the warning describes as “serious security threats.”  The warning then advises you to call a toll-free telephone number for Comcast tech support that is shown on a graphic on your screen that comes with the audio warning.  If you call the number you will not reach Comcast, but you will reach a computer scammer who will ask for your password in order to remotely help you with the problem.  Unfortunately, providing the requested information to the scammer will only enable them to help themselves to the personal information contained on your computer or other device which the scammer will then use to make you a victim of identity theft.


Neither Comcast nor any other Internet service provider will contact you in such a manner to inform you of a security problem.  Nor will they call you by phone to inform you of security problems as has been done in a similar scam falsely using the name of Microsoft Tech Support.  Whenever you get such a pop-up or phone call asking for such information, you should ignore it and not provide any information.  If you have any question as to whether the notice is legitimate, merely contact Comcast or any other such company directly at a telephone number that you know is legitimate and not the one that appears on your screen or is provided for you in an audio warning.