In an effort to help combat cybercrime, President Barack Obama has issued an Executive Order encouraging and promoting information sharing both within the private sector as well as between the private sector and the government.  It has long been known that such information sharing about cyberthreats is an important step in the battle against cybercrime, data breaches and hackers.  The Department of Homeland Security will take the lead in establishing Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations (ISAOs) including setting up voluntary standards for these organizations.


Although this is a very promising first step that will undoubtedly aid in the battle against cybercrime, data breaches and hackers, it is only a first step.  When looking for a helping hand to protect yourself from cybercrime and hackings, the best place to look is still at the end of your own arm.  We all must recognize that each of us is responsible for following best practices to protect ourselves as best we can from cybercrime and hackings.  We cannot rely on either government or private industry to do the job for us.  One of the reasons I write Scamicide each day is to arm you with the knowledge you need to protect yourself as best you can from threat of cybercrime and hackings.