Maine police are indicating that a series of automobile break-ins occurring in parking lots in various cities throughout the state may be the work of a national gang called the Felony Lane Gang.  The Felony Lane Gang originated in Florida, but is now operating throughout the country.  Their pattern is to break into automobiles and steal purses, wallets and other personal property not for the cash contained, but for the credit cards, checkbooks, driver’s licenses and other forms of personal information and identification that they use for purposes of identity theft.  They will often target parking lots at gyms and fitness centers where the car owner will both be out of the car for an extended period of time and may also leave purses, wallets and other property in the car for the very purpose of what they perceive as enhanced security rather than bring these items with them to the gym or fitness center, where locker break-ins are a constant threat.  Although the most recent reports of the activities of the Felony Lane Gang have been in Maine, this problem is by no means limited to Maine, but is found everywhere.


There is nothing you can do that will guarantee that you will not become a victim of identity theft, but there are simple steps you can take to reduce the risk.  When parking your car, don’t leave purses, wallets or any personal items in plain view and certainly lock the car.  Also either lock your valuables and personal documents in the trunk of your car or take them with you.  Identity thieves are looking for low hanging fruit, which in this instance means unlocked cars or cars with visible purses or other items that can be used for purposes of identity theft.