I have warned you numerous times over the years about scams that start with a phone call that purports to be from a utility company, such as your electricity provider or telephone company, demanding payment of your bill immediately or your service will be terminated.  These calls can be quite disconcerting and adept scammers can even fool your Caller ID through a technique called “spoofing” where the call appears to come from the real company with which you do business.  Now, in a bit of a throwback, reports are surfacing of scammers mailing out electricity bills that look quite legitimate demanding payment specifically be wired.  The ease by which counterfeit copies of bills can be made today, makes this type of scam easy to accomplish.


No utility company or other company with which you do business will demand payment by wired funds.  Wired funds are a primary choice of scammers because they are easy and quick to accomplish as well as simple to hide.  If you ever receive a bill appearing from a company that changes the method of payment, you should contact the company by phone at a number that you know is correct to confirm the truth of the situation.