Samsung’s Android smartwatches represent  the latest development in wearable technology.  These modern marvels will enable people to access the Internet and easily send and receive messages.  Unfortunately, they were not developed with a strong security component.   A six digit PIN is all that is needed to access the smartwatch and a nearby hacker can readily use a brute force attack by which large numbers of passwords flood the device until the correct password is found in order to gain access and control of the smartwatch and put your information in jeopardy thereby making you a potential victim of identity theft.


Fortunately, with present technology the hacker would have to be relatively close to the victim to hack into the device, but this is of little consolation as hackers would be trolling for smartwatches in public places such as malls as the devices become more popular.  Samsung and the other smartwatch developers need to provide greater security protection, perhaps through a password or automatic encryption, however, at the moment these devices are in need of enhanced security before you can feel comfortable using them for anything of a personal nature.  As the entire “Internet of things” including smart refrigerators and cars, it becomes more important for the manufacturers of these things to pay more attention to our personal security.