Women’s clothing store bebe, which operates 175 retail stores and 35 outlet stores around the world announced yesterday that its payment processing systems had been hacked between November 8th and November 26th.  During this period, the hackers were able to steal credit card and debit card information including names, account numbers, expiration dates and verification codes.  It is not known yet how many credit cards and debit cards were compromised in the attack.  The hacking only affected in store purchases.  On line purchases were not compromised.


As is becoming common, the affected company, bebe, is offering free credit monitoring for a year.  If your credit or debit card was compromised, you can obtain the free credit monitoring by calling 1-877-322-8228.  Here also is a link to bebe’s official statement regarding the data breach:


This should also serve as another reminder to only use your credit card for purchases.  Limit your debit card to use at ATMs.  The consumer protection laws pertaining to fraudulent credit card use are much stronger than the laws that apply to fraudulent use of a debit card.