In many Scams of the day, I have warned you about the dangers of hacking into what is referred to as the “Internet of things” and how that can threaten you.  Basically, anything you use that is connected to the Internet or Blue Tooth makes you susceptible to identity theft or other dangers.  The Internet of things includes cars, refrigerators and heating systems.  It also includes smart televisions.  Researchers at Columbia University of New York’s Network Security Lab have been warning about the dangers that will come when, not if, but when, hackers hack into broadband connected smart televisions using radio frequency transmitters, which is what your remote control is.  These transmitters can be used to steal personal information from your smart television including social media passwords, shopping account passwords and credit cards.  These attacks will be hard to prevent and hard to discover.  All to often, as new technological advances occur, not enough thought is put into securing these systems.


If you are considering purchasing a smart television, you should look into the security systems for your particular television.  You also may wish to refrain from using your smart television for making purchases online where you must supply a credit card.