Throughout the news and here on Scamicide there have been warnings for the past week about the extreme danger posed by a recently discovered flaw in the popular web browser, Internet Explorer.  This flaw was not discovered before the flaw had already been exploited by hackers who first found and exploited this vulnerability.  It is thought that the hacking involved with this flaw was primarily used for industrial espionage in order to steal corporate information and secrets, but as the vulnerability became exposed, it was also used by other hackers to steal personal information which was then used to make that person a victim of identity theft.  Now, ahead of schedule Microsoft has issued a security patch to resolve this problem and, most interestingly, although Microsoft had indicated that it would not issue further security updates for the Windows XP operating system after April 8th, Microsoft, in issuing the new security patches included security updates for Windows XP.


Many people have their Windows software automatically updated which is the best course of action.  If you do not have your Windows software automatically updated, here is a link as provided by the Department of Homeland Security that you should use to install the necessary security patch to eliminate this particular software vulnerability.

As for Windows XP users, although you got a temporary reprieve, it is unlikely that Microsoft will make such a further exception in issuing future security updates.  I urge you to update your operating system to another system right away.