Yesterday I warned you about a potentially devastating flaw discovered in Internet Explorer that could enable a hacker to not only take control of your computer, but also gain access to all of the information contained in your computer and use it to access your bank accounts, use your credit cards and make you a victim of identity theft.  The malware required to exploit the vulnerability in Internet Explorer must be downloaded by you either by clicking on a link in an otherwise unobtrusive email that contains the malware or even by going to a website that uses a compromised Adobe Flash file.  Microsoft is not expected to have a security patch developed for a couple of weeks and even that is merely an estimate, but there are some steps that everyone should consider doing to protect themselves from this threat.


First and most obvious, you should consider using an alternative web browser such as Mozilla Firefox which does not have the same vulnerability.  You also may wish to download a just released security patch for Adobe Flash.  Here is a link to the security update for Adobe Flash:

While you are at it,  you should also install the latest security update for Mozilla Firefox which has just been released by the Department of Homeland Security.  Here is a link to that security update:

As always, it is also important to protect yourself from malware by not clicking on links or downloading attachments unless you are absolutely sure that they are legitimate because often malware is imbedded in these links and attachments.