I constantly am providing you with the latest security updates for many of the software programs that we all use.  I do this because identity thieves and hackers are always working to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in these programs and use these vulnerabilities to make us victims of identity theft and other scams.  It is important to keep your software updated  and download these latest security updates and patches.  Additionally, however, even if you know it is important to keep your software programs updated, many people are wary of whether they are updating with legitimate security updates and patches or malware put out there by identity thieves and scammers posing as providers of security software.  It is for that reason as well that I regularly provide you with links to the latest security updates and patches that you can trust as they become available.


Google Chrome is a web browser used by many people.  Google has just identified some security flaws in its software and has issued an advisory with links to the necessary security patches that you need to install to keep using Google Chrome safely.  Here is the link to that latest advisory as provided by the United States Department of Homeland Security.