In my Scam of the day for February 23rd I warned you about the major security defect that had just been identified in programs operating iPhones, iPads and Ipods that if left unpatched would permit identity thieves to steal all of the information they would need to make the iPhone, iPad or iPod user a victim of identity theft without the victim ever knowing he or she had been hacked.  Fortunately, in the Scam of the day of February 23rd, I also provided you with a link to the security update you need to  download to cure the problem.  Hopefully, if you use any of these devices, you have already done so, but, if not, I urge you to do so now.

However in my Scam of the day for February 23rd, I also told you that Apple’s OS X Maverick software for Apple’s Macintosh computers were vulnerable to the same security defect and Apple had not yet come up with a security update to patch this problem.  I am happy to tell you today, that Apple has come up with a new security patch to cure this problem in it’s OS X Maverick software used on its Macintosh computers.  If you have a Macintosh computer and use this software you should download and install the new patch as soon as possible.


Here is a link to the new security patch for the OS X Maverick software for you to download and install as soon as possible if you use a Macintosh:

Identity thieves and hackers count on people not promptly taking the identity theft protection steps necessary to keep themselves safe.   Don’t be a victim.  If you use a Mac, install the patch as soon as possible.  It is also important to remember that the battle with hackers and identity thieves is ongoing.  At the same time that you are installing a security patch, hackers and identity thieves are busy studying the new patches trying to find flaws.  I will always report to you as soon as new developments occur, so make it a point to check out each day.