In the Scam of the day of February 18th I warned you about a serious, recently discovered flaw in Internet Explorer 10.  It turns out that this flaw is also present in Internet Explorer 9, as well.  A full patch has still not been issued by Microsoft, the maker of Internet Explorer, however Microsoft has issued a fix that will block the attacks although not patch the underlying problem.  A link to the Microsoft fix can be found below.  This flaw, unless remedied, allows hackers to completely take over the systems of hacked users.  In addition, Adobe, has also issued a new security update for its Adobe Flash Player which is a program used by website developers that has flaws that can be exploited through Internet Explorer versions 9 and 10 that have not been fixed.  The fix to Adobe Flash is also an incomplete fix.  It is expected that a permanent patch will be provided by Adobe within the next few weeks.


You should consider updating your Internet Explorer to IE 11, but if for whatever reason you must still use IE 9 or 10, make sure that you go to the following links to protect yourself, at least temporarily from this serious security breach.