Internet Explorer is an extremely popular web browser.  Recently, however, a flaw in Internet Explorer 10 was uncovered and exploited by hackers who used the flaw which was used by hackers to insert a link in the website of the website of the Veterans of Foreign Wars that contained infectious code in the website’s Adobe’s Flash software.  In the past similar type attacks originated in China seeking military information in the computers of visitors to similar websites.


The newer Internet Explorer 11 is not vulnerable to this attack.  The present attack is limited to Internet Explorer 10 on systems that use Adobe Flash and do not have the Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Toolkit (EMET).  If you use Internet Explorer you may wish to upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 or install the EMET.  It is always important whenever software vulnerabilities are discovered to install the latest security patches as soon as they are available.  Here is a link to Microsoft’s Vulnerability Note regarding this problem: