If you have a Comcast account and there is a good chance that you do because they are the largest internet service provider in the country, you may be one of the victims of the hacking of Comcast by a group of hackers that call themselves NullCrew and you should change your password as well as go to your account settings to make sure that identity thieves have not accessed your account.  Even if you do not use Comcast’s Xfinity email, you still have a Comcast email account because every Comcast Internet Service Provider customer is given a master email account which is used to manage their Comcast services.  Despite the assurances of Comcast that there is no evidence of customers’ personal information being compromised, I am not convinced and the risk of serious identity theft is quite real.


Not only should you change your Comcast password, but you should also take this as an opportunity to make sure that all of your online accounts have different passwords. Identity thieves often exp0loit the fact that many people use the same password for all of their accounts to take a single hacked password and use it to get access to all of your online accounts.  You should also check out your account settings to make sure that no identity thief has set himself or herself up as a secondary user on your account.  You can check this out by going to http://customer.comcast.com/help-and-support/internet/adding-new-user-names-or-email-addresses/