Today’s scam of the day is another edition of the latest of software patches and security updates as provided by the United States Department of Homeland Security.  It is of critical importance to update the software programs that you use on all of your electronic devices as soon as new patches and security updates become available to help protect you from the malware and other security threats posed by identity thieves and other criminals who are constantly working to exploit newly discovered vulnerabilities in the various programs we use.  Today’s list of security patches includes some for the popular Google Chrome software.  Often, identity thieves will try to trick you into downloading malware by representing what they are providing are security patches so it is important to only download patches and updates in which you have total confidence which is why I provide only links to updates that have been verified by the Department of Homeland Security as being legitimate.


Here is a link to the latest security patches and updates as gathered  by the Department of Homeland Security.  I urge you to check out the list and download the patches and updates that relate to programs that you use.