Today, as I regularly do, I am providing you with links to the latest security software updates for many of the programs that we all use.  Of particular importance are the updates to Adobe and Google Chrome software, both of which have often been targets of hackers and identity thieves so it is very important when new security updates become available that you download them and install them on your various electronic devices.  Scammers and identity thieves rely on people not promptly patching the security of their software and exploit these vulnerabilities.  Some people, however, are reluctant to install updates because they are not sure that the updates they install are not in and of themselves malware from scammers and identity thieves sent to trick therm into downloading the malware under the guise of installing legitimate seucirty patches which is why I provide links provided, in turn, by the Department of Homeland Security that you can trust.


Here is the link to the latest security bulletin from the Department of Homeland Security with links to important security patches: